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INFSCI 2955: Adaptive Web Systems (Special Topics)

(Spring 2009, CRN 31234)

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Course Tools


The key tool for the course is the Pitt CourseWeb powered by Blackboard Course Management System, a product of Blackboard, Inc. All course information, homeworks, assignments, etc, will be accessible on the CourseWeb course site. You need to have Pitt University Computer Account to login to CourseInfo site. Use Account Managament Page to check the status of your account. In particular, we will use CourseWeb for all communication during this course including forum posts.


CiteUlike is a system for sharing links to academic papers. We will use it to find and share papers related to each topic of the course. Create your account (if you do not have it yet), find the group Adaptive Web (clicking on Search groups link on the bottom left) and apply to join it. Explore from the start two ways of posting: finding it on the Web (Google Scholar is best for it) and finding it right on CiteULike. When posting a paper, you will be asked where to share it. You can choose your library and any of the communities where you are the member. The requirement is to have it shared in Social Web community.

Class Wiki

Class Wiki is a dedicated Wiki installation, which we will use to collaboratively create structured course offprint. Brief outline of all topics as well as links to most interesting resources are posted there.


CoPE is a system to share paper summaries in a secure way. The account on CoPE will be created for you. Add a paper to the class folder and then add a summary to it.

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