XPP (XPPAUT is another name; I will use the two interchangeably) is a tool for solving stochastic equations.

It evolved from a chapter written by John Rinzel and me on the qualitative theory of nerve membranes and eventually became a commercial product for MSDOS computers called PHASEPLANE. It is now available as a program running under X11 and Windows.

The code brings together a number of useful algorithms and is extremely portable. All the graphics and interface are written completely in Xlib which explains the somewhat idiosyncratic and primitive widgets interface.

XPP contains the code for the popular bifurcation program, AUTO . Thus, you can switch back and forth between XPP and AUTO, using the values of one program in the other and vice-versa. I have put a ``friendly'' face on AUTO as well. You do not need to know much about it to play around with it.

XPP has the capabilities for handling up to 590 differential equations.

XPP has been successfully compiled on a SPARC II under OpenLook, a SPARC 1.5 running generic X, a NeXT running X11R4, a DEC 5000, a PC using Linux or Windows, and SGI and an HP 730. It also runs under Win95/NT/98 if you have an X-Server. I cannot vouch for other platforms but it has been compiled on the IBM RS6000. Building XPP requires only the standard C compiler, and Xlib. Look at the any README files that come with the distribution for solutions to common compilation problems.


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