XPPAUT 8.0 Nov 2023

Whats new???

Here is the source code

Porting XPP to the Web and/or Android

Rob Clewley's XPP-Matlab interface

Jakub Nowacki's XPP Python interface

Mohammad Imtiaz has written a pair of little MatLab programs which read the output of XPPAUT bifurcation diagrams and plots them. Download

Ting-Hao Hsu's Matlab interface for plotting XPP produced diagrams compatible with version 8

Emacs Xpp-mode

(Directions are at the link. I installed mine in /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/ but your distribution may vary.)

Check here for the XPP Book from SIAM

or for Amazon

Not enough junk email??? XPPAUT Listserver online - Join up now!

Xpp list server

Then just send questions and suggestions to xppaut-l_at_mailman.ucsd.edu