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Notices Archive


April 7, 2016
Registration Confirmation Letter

To: Quad Conference Attendees
Subject: Registration confirmation, 8th Quadrennial Fellows Conference. Arrival is Sunday, July 10; departure Thursday, July 14.

Please confirm your participation for the Eighth Quadrennial Fellows Conference in Lund, Sweden. The program and abstracts are now posted on the Quadrennial website.

A more detailed email about travel and lodging will be sent to you in the coming weeks. The major airport to use for arrival and departure is Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup CPH), https://www.cph.dk/en/ .

For our planning purposes, please respond immediately to the following:

1) Please confirm your attendance. Upon confirmation, we will reserve accommodation for you in Lund for the nights of July 10, July 11, July 12 and July 13.

2) Will you be bringing a partner? Additional cost is US $50-60 per night.

3) Do you have special needs (dietary, mobility)?

4) Are you interested in chairing a session?

5) Will you require travel assistance? See information below.

We are following the tradition of past conferences, in that participants' accommodation and most meals for both speakers and non-speakers will be covered by the conference once they have arrived at the conference site. Participants are asked to secure their own sources of funding for travel expenses through their home institutions and other sources.

The Center will be pleased to help in efforts to secure such support through letters of invitation as needed.

The Center has set aside a small fund to be distributed among Fellows (both speakers and non-speakers) without other sources of funding, but whose participation in the conference depends essentially on such support. The more people that request this funding, the less will be awarded to each. We thus ask that requests for support be made only if other sources are genuinely inaccessible. If we receive many requests, we shall distribute the funds with a preference towards Fellows for whom we judge travel funds harder to secure.

We ask Fellows who anticipate need for such support to contact us immediately. Deadline for response: April 22, 2016.


May 27, 2016
Program Changes and Travel Info

Dear Speakers and Participants,

This email concerns updates and additional information regarding the upcoming 8th Quadrennial International Fellows Conference to be held July 11-13 in Lund, Sweden.

First, for future questions or concerns regarding the Quad conference please save this email address (CenterQuad8@gmail.com). The standard Center email account may not be checked regularly over the summer, so inquiries should be sent to this address instead.

Second, there have been various updates to the program since the preliminary version. Please check the program and make note of any changes to the day and time of your talk. You can find the current program through the conference website.

Third, please note the additional travel information provided on the website. We recommend flying into Copenhagen and taking the local train (~30min) to Lund. Lund is a small town, so once you're at the railway station everything is a short walk. If you've not already, we recommend making travel arrangements as soon as possible. Expect prices (particularly for international travel) to increase dramatically from this point on.

Finally, there are two hotels in Lund where guests will be staying. The attached spreadsheet contains the relevant information regarding hotel assignments, check-in and check-out dates, and additional guests. Please note your reservation information and let me know ASAP of any changes or corrections.

All best,
Trey Boone

On behalf of the program committee and organizers of the 8th Quadrennial International Fellows Conference

Program Assistant
Center for Philosophy of Science


June 10, 2016
Conference Updates and Doodle Poll

Dear Speakers and Participants,

A pdf with updated hotel reservation information is attached. If you requested any changes, please confirm that those changes are reflected in this document. If you need any other adjustments to your reservation, please let me know ASAP.

Also there are two updates regarding the conference program. First, there have been a few updates to the program due to cancellations. Please once again make note of any changes to the day and time of your talk. Second, chairs have been assigned to sessions. Please check to see if you were assigned (if you had volunteered to chair) and note the day and time of the session you are chairing. You can view these updates through the conference website at the following link.

Finally, the following doodle regards preferences for the excursion to Ven on Tues. Please help us with planning by clicking this link and indicating your preference between (a) the observatory tour, and (b) the distillery tour within the poll. The maximum capacity for the distillery tour is 30, and priority will go to those who respond first. Additional information about the excursion can be found here.

Please indicate your preference by clicking the link below.

All best,
Trey Boone


June 24, 2016

Dear Speakers and Participants,

Our Philsci-Archive section for the Quad conference has been created. We would like to invite speakers to post papers they will be presenting to the site. Instructions for uploading papers can be found at the following link: philsci-archive.pitt.edu/conference_instructions.html. Please be sure to select the appropriate heading in Step 5:

[2016] Eighth Quadrennial Fellows Conference of the Center for Philosophy of Science (Lund, Sweden; 11-13 July 2016)

Speakers and participants can view uploaded papers by scrolling down to that heading here: http://philsci-archive.pitt.edu/view/confandvol/. Note that the heading will only become available after at least one paper has been added to the section.

All best,
Trey Boone