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Brigitte Falkenburg
University of Heidelberg
Spring 1994

University of Dormund
Brigitte Falkenburg published the book: "Particle Metaphysics. A Criticall Account of Subatomic reality." Springer: Berlin Heidelberg New York 2007. She organised the Symposium "Knowledge of the Early Universe" at the annual meeting of the German Physical Society, Heidelberg, March 5, 2007 and the annual workshop of the Philosophy Working Group (AK Phil) of the German Physical Society "Quantum Theory and Causality", Dortmund, Novermber 9.-10., 2007.


For three years I was alone in philosophy at my university, the TU Dortmund (Germany). The other philosophy chairs were vacant and I was involved in never-ending committees. I was absolutely overloaded and therefore I did not update any news for a couple of years. Here are my publications since 2012.


1. "Mythos Determinismus. Wieviel erklärt uns die Hirnforschung?" Heidelberg: Springer 2012.

Edited books:

2. "Why More is Different. Philosophical Issues in Condensed Matter Physics and Complex Systems" (with Margaret Morrison). Heidelberg: Springer 2015.

3. "From Ultrarays to Astroparticles. A Historical Introduction to Astroparticle Physics" (with Wolfgang Rhode). Dordrecht: Springer 2012.

Forthcoming papers:

4. "El dilema entre determinismo y libertad. ¿Qué significa la neurociencia para la existencia humana?" To appear in: J. A. Baeza Betancor et al., Filosofía, Psicoterapia e Inteligencia Emocional. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: Fundacion MAPFRE Guanarteme.

5. "Too Many Conceptions of Time? McTaggart's Views Revisited" (with Gregor Schiemann). To appear in: S. Gerogiorgakis (Hrsg.), Time and Tense. Basic Philosophical Concepts (Philosophia: Munich, forthcoming) Available at my homepage.


6. "How Do Quasi-Particles Exist?" In: B. Falkenburg & M. Morrison (eds.), Why More is Different. Philosophical Issues in Condensed Matter Physics and Complex Systems. Heidelberg: Springer 2015, 227-250.

7. "Neuronale Mechanismen und ihre Grenzen". In: H. Fink & R. Rosenzweig (Hrsg.), Bewusstsein – Selbst – Ich. Münster: mentis 2014.

8. "Wie viel erklärt uns die Hirnforschung? Naturverständnis und Menschenbild." In: Evangelium und Wissenschaft. Beiträge zum interdisziplinären Gespräch (ed. by the Karl-Heim-Gesellschaft) 35 (2014), 96-118.

9. "On the Contributions of Astroparticle Physics to Cosmology." In: Studies in the History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 46 (2014,) 97–108.

10. "From Kant’s Early Cosmology to the Cosmological Antinomy." In: Silvia De Bianchi (ed.), The Harmony of the Spheres. Kant and Herschel on the Universe and the Astronomical Phenomena. Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2013, 48-70.

11. "Pragmatic Unification, Observation and Realism in Astroparticle Physics." In: General Journal for Philosophy of Science Volume 43, Issue 2 (2012), 327-345.

12. "From Waves to Particles and Quantum Probabilities". In: B. Falkenburg & W. Rhode (eds.), From Ultrarays to Astroparticles. A Historical Introduction to Astroparticle Physics. Springer: Dordrecht 2012, 265-295.
Was sind subatomare Teilchen? In: M. Esfeld (ed.), Philosophie der Physik,
Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp 2012, 158-184.

13. "Selbst und Welt – Der Mensch als das Andere der Natur." In: Matthias Wunsch (ed.), Von Hegel zur philosophischen Anthropologie. Gedenkband für
Christa Hackenesch. Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann 2012, 161-177.

14. "Wissenschaft und Technik als symbolische Formen." In: B. Recki (ed.), Philosophie der Kultur – Kultur des Philosophierens. Ernst Cassirer im 20. und 21. Jahrhundert. Cassirer-Forschungen Band 15. Hamburg: Meiner 2012, 537-552.




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