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visiting fellows, 2005-06

::: Alexander Afriat
University of Urbino, Italy  fall
Geometry, Force and General Covariance

::: Milos Arsenijevic
University of Belgrade, Serbia  fall
Continuity, Infinity, Heterogeneity:
The Investigation of the Point-based and Interval-based Systems of the Continuum

::: Aristides Baltas
National University of Athens, Greece  fall
Physics as Self-Historiography in Actu:
Assuring the Identity Conditions for the Discipline

::: Gabriele De Anna
University of Udine, Italy  academic year
Human Action and the Biological Foundations of Ethics

::: Craig Delancey
SUNY, Oswego, USA  spring
Reframing the Role of Cognition in Emotion

::: Carla Fehr
Iowa State University  spring
Explanatory Pluralism and Mechanistic Explanation
in Biology

::: Malcolm Forster
University of Wisconsin-Madison  spring
Unification and the Holistic Nature of Scientific Evidence

::: Lilia Gurova
New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria  spring
Theories, Models, and Experiments
in the Dynamics of Scientific Knowledge

::: Nikolay Milkov
University of Bielefeld, Germany  academic year
German Influences on Bertrand Russell's Early Philosophy of Science (1896-1903)

::: Athanassios Raftopoulos
University of Cyprus, Greece  spring
Cognitive Impenetrability of Perception
and its Philosophical Implications

::: Wang Wei
Tsinghua University, China  academic year
Scientific Explanation and Laws of Nature

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