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Rolf George
Distinguished Professoer Emeritus
Department of Philosophy
University of Waterloo
Academic Year 1985-86

July 2007
I attach my vita, with a few items in red. They are the more recent publications:

2003 saw the publication of a second edition of my translation of Carnap's Locial Structure of the World, 2005 an edition of Bolzano: On the Mathematical Method, which I did together with Paul Rusnock. On TuesdayI am going to mail a copy of each of them for the Center's library. Then, this year Rusnock and I published Bolzano's Selected Writings on Ethics and Politics. I don't have an extra copy of that one, but will send an order form along. Maybe you could get your library to get one. Bolzano is celebrated today for his work in logic and the foundations of mathematics. In his own day he was a highly visible public intellectual, a courageous and determined critic of abuses in Church and State.  So much for the books.

There also were several articles and presentations -- in red in the Vita.  The last article was "James Jurin awakens Hume from is Dogmatic Slumber" in Hume Studies.  In April, I presented a paper "Neo-Kantianism and anti-Semitism" at a philosophy of science event, in Dubrovnik. I highlighted a few other articles that might be mentioned at your discretion, if space allows.

Finally, I was honored with the title "Distinguished Professor Emeritus" at our Spring Convocation.

All good wishes, Rolf George.


Canadian Citizen, Married, Three Children, a Modicum of Grand-children.

1950 – 1953 University of Münster, Germany, German Literature and History

1953 – 1954 Michigan State University, Philosophy and History (Fulbright Grant).

1955 – 1961 Michigan State University, Philosophy. MA 1956, PhD 1961. Thesis: Infinity and Continuity in 18 th Century Philosophy.

1950 – 1953 Michigan State University, Instructor

1961 – 1963 California State University at San Fernando, Assistant Professor

1963 – 1966 Michigan State University, Associate Professor

1966 – 1972 University of Waterloo, Associate Professor

1972 – 1996 University of Waterloo, Professor

1996 – Emeritus

Visiting Professorships

1966 Waterloo,

1977 Göttingen, Germany

1990/91 Hamburg, Germany

1985/86 Pittsburgh, Center for Philosophy of Science


Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, Department of Philosophy, 1974 – 1980

Chair, Department of Philosophy, 1980 – 1985

Associate Dean, Graduate Studies in the Faculty of Arts, 1986 – 90, 1995/96

University Senate 1982 – 90

Senate Graduate Council 1986 – 90, 1995/96

Senate Research Council 1988 – 90, 1995/96

Board of Governors, Bd. of Govs. Executive 1983 – 87, 1989 – 90

Arts Lecture Committee 1986-89

Numerous University Committees, several Tribunals


Canadian Philosophical Association (Former Board Member), Kant Society, Hume Society, Brentano Society (Board Member), Bolzano Society (Board Member). Previously: International Society for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy. Editoral Board, Public Affairs Quarterly, Brentano Studien.

May 2012
Paul Rusnock (Ottawa) and I have finished a four volume English version of Bolzano's Wissenschaftslehre. We expect Oxford to publish it.

2013 Update

Rusnock and I just published an English edition of Bolzano's Wissenschaftslehre. Also, we are working on an edition of my various papers on Kant.


Revised 9/24/14 - Copyright 2006