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Malcolm Macmillan
Visiting Fellow
Spring 1993
University of Melbourne

12 July 2007

May 2011
I'm not sure when I last updated things but I should start with a very successful 80th birthday in January 2009 to which many of my old students, colleagues, friends, and comrades were able to come. Just before then I retired (finally and from Deakin University) to become a Professorial Fellow in Psychological Sciences at the University of Melbourne.  I do a little teaching (The Unconscious Mind) and am busy on a book on Alfred Walter Campbell, the forgotten Australian neurologist who pioneered the cytoarchitectonic study of the human brain.

I'm still writing as you can see from this selection:

Macmillan, M. (2010). Au seuil de la psychanalyse. Les Grands Dossiers des Sciences Humaines, Décembre/Janvier-Février 2010-2011, No 21, pp. 16-19.

Macmillan, M. (2010). Anxiety and affect in psychoanalysis, Horyzonty Wychowania, [Horizons of Education], 17(9), 11-20 and 21-33. (In English and Polish respectively).

Macmillan, M. (2010). William Macewen [1846-1924]. Journal of Neurology, 257, 5, 858–859.

Macmillan, M. and Lena, M. L. (2010). Rehabilitating Phineas Gage. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, 20 (5), 641-658.

Macmillan, M. (2009). Psychodynamic theories of the unconscious. In W. P. Banks (Ed.). Encylopaedia of Consciousness (Vol. 2, pp 231-244). Oxford: Elsevier.

Macmillan, M. (2009). Evolution and the neurosciences down-under. Journal of the History of the Neurosciences, 18, 150-196.

Macmillan, M. (2008). Phineas Gage: Unravelling the myth. The Psychologist, 21, 836-839.

2017 Update

Despite the now 4-year old left foot-drop handicap acquired during one of the operations to 'revise' his shoddy Johnson&Johnson/DePuy hip implant, Malcolm Macmillan has continued working as a Professorial Fellow at the University of Melbourne.  In November 2016 his book on the pioneer of the cytoarchitectonic study of the human brain.  His early work on Phineas Gage still leads to his being interviewed about him, notably at the opening of the recently updated exhibition about Gage at the Countway Library.  His work on Freud still requires him to deal with about one question a month.

Macmillan, M. (2016). Snowy Campbell: Australian Pioneer Investigator of the Brain Australian Scholarly Publishing.

Macmillan, M. (2015). Au seuil de la psychanalyse. In J-F Narmion Freud et la psychanalyse. Auxerre: La Petite Bibliothèque de Sciences Humaines. [Reproduction with minor changes of Macmillan 2010-2011].

Macmillan, M. (2015). Phineas Gage. In D. W. Loring (Ed.) International Neuropsychological Society Dictionary of Neuropsychology and Clinical Neurosciences, 2nd ed., p. 167. New York: Oxford University Press.



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