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Diego Marconi
Visiting Fellow
Fall 1983
University of Torino

June 2008
Diego Marconi published a short book in Italian on truth and relativism (Per la verità, Einaudi, Torino 2007). He is currently working on relativism, lexical comptence, and (as usual) Wittgenstein's philosophy. A special issue of Rivista di Estetica (47, n.34) was published to celebrate his 60th birthday. It included essays by G.Aldo Antonelli, Paolo Casalegno, Pascal Engel, Pasquale Frascolla, Christopher Gauker, Timothy Williamson, and nine others.

Diego Marconi has been lecturing around on truth and relativism, the topics of his book Per la verità (Einaudi, Torino 2007) which won the "Alessandro Tassoni" Award for non-fiction in 2008. He published an article ("Being and being called", Journal of Philosophy, March 2009) on paradigm case arguments and the reference of natural kind words. He will be on leave next year, working on a book about misunderstandings originating from the confusion between truth conditional semantics and the (cognitive) theory of semantic competence.

2014 Update

I have published a short book intended for a general audience, Il mestiere di pensare ("Thinking as a Trade"), on the cultural effects of the professionalization of philosophy and the opposition of professional philosophers vs. media-oriented philosophers. My current research work is on concepts (an invited paper will be published this year in the Kirchberg proceedings for 2013) and the neuropsychology of lexical competence. A paper on reference and theories of meaning as use is coming out in a collection edited by A. Bianchi (Oxford University Press). I have been admitted to the Accademia delle scienze of Turin and the Academia Europaea. I was awarded the medal for Philosophy of the Italian Society for Neuroethics.



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