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Michele Marsonet
Visiting Fellow
Spring 1993
Spring 1995
University of Genoa

June 2008
Conferences and Talks

(1) Knowledge, Language, and Interpretation. On the Philosophy of Donald Davidson (Organizer, University of Genoa, Faculty of Arts, Genoa, 24-26 May 2007).

(2)“Pragmatism and the Limits of Realism” (Philosophy of Pragmatism: Salient Inquiries, Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of European Studies, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 28-30 September 2007).

(3) “Linguaggio e metafisica” (Il linguaggio. Aspetti fenomenologici, esistenziali, analitici, University of Florence, 25-26 January 2008).


(1) Dean of the Faculty of Arts, University of Genoa, from 2002 until October 2008.

(2) Elected Chairman of the Philosophy Department, University of Genoa, starting from November 2008.

(3) President of the Ligurian Philosophical Association, from 2002.


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(2) Verità, scienza e diritto, in M. Marsonet (ed.), Conoscenza e verità, Giuffrè, Milan 2007, pp. 145-171.

(3) Different Pragmatist Reactions to Analytic Philosophy, in R. Calcaterra (ed.), Pragmatism and Analytic Philosophy, Rodopi, New-York-Amsterdam, 2008 (forthcoming).

(4) Language and Conceptual Schemes, in M. C. Amoretti, N. Vassallo (eds.), Language, Knowledge and Interpretation. On the Philosophy of Donald Davidson, Ontos Verlag, Frankfurt-Lancaster, 2008 (forthcoming).

His main interests are: Philosophy of science, Philosophy of logic, Philosophy of social sciences, Metaphysics, Political philosophy, Pragmatism.

June 2010
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May 2011

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(1) “Donald Davidson on Indeterminism and Antirealism” (University of Iceland, Department of Philosophy, Reykjavik, Iceland, 15-21 April 2010).
(2) “The Importance of Science and Technology” (Middlesex University, London, School of Engineering and Information Sciences, London, 24 May 2010).
(3) “Science, Technology and Ethics” (Middlesex University, London, School of Engineering and Information Sciences, London, 25 May 2010).
(4) “Science and Common Sense” (Gabinetto Scientifico Letterario G.P. Vieusseux, Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, 15 November 2010).

(1) Head, Department of Philosophy, University of Genoa.
(2) Vice-Rector for International Relations, University of Genoa.


Science, Realism and Conceptual Schemes, Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrücken, 2016.

Science and Different Images of the World
, in “Academicus. International Scientific Journal”, XIII, 2016, N. 13, pp. 100-113.
A pragmatist vision of realism, “Contemporary Pragmatism”, 13, 2016, pp. 345-360.

“Globalization and National Sovereignty” (Hanoi University, Hanoi, Vietnam, 22 January 2016).
“Globalization and National Identity” (Ablai khan University, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 23 May 2016).
“Cultural and philosophical relationships between Poland and Italy (Colloquia Biblioteki Kultury Polskiej we Wloszech, University Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski, Warsaw, Poland, 3 June 2016).
“Globalization and National Sovereignty” (Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing, China, 13 September 2016).
“A Pragmatic Vision of Scientific Realism” (Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing, China, 14 September 2016).

Research interests:
Scientific and metaphysical realism, pragmatism’s philosophy of science, Nicholas Rescher’s philosophy.




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