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Dan Nesher
University of Haifa


July 2007
(2006b) “The Beauty of Artwork Is in its Aesthetic True Representation of Reality: the  Epistemology of Creation And Evaluation of Artwork.” (Manuscript).

(2007a) “The Epistemology of “Text” Meaning: The Context Is The Proof-conditions Upon Them We Prove The Truth of Our Interpretation The Meaning of The Text.” Read in conference on Meaning and its’ Meanings, University of Haifa, January, 2-3, 2007 and in International Wittgenstein Symposium ant its precedings, Kirchberg, Austria, Aug. 5-12, 2007)

(2007b) “The Epistemology of Proving Our ‘Empirical Basis’ and Scientific Hypotheses by The Trio of Abduction, Deduction, And Induction.” (Manuscript).

(2007c)“How to Square (Normo, Cp:2.7) Peirceanly The Kantian Circularity in The Epistemology of Aesthetics as a Normative Science of Creating And Evaluating The Beauty of Artworks.”(Read in the conference on Charles Sanders Peirce’s Normative Thought. June 26-30, 2007, University of Opole Poland).

June 2011
Recently I finished two inquiries:
This work I sent to a theoretical physicist for evaluation.

2.  "GÖDEL ON TRUTH AND PROOF: Epistemological Proof of Gödel’s Conception of the Realistic Nature of Mathematics, but Then Its Incompleteness Cannot Be Proved Formally and It Is a Trick Based on the Separation of Truth from Proof."
A short version of this work is to be presented in the International Witgenstein Symposium on Epistemology, and to be published in its pre-proceedings.

2014 Update

I completed my research on the realist Epistemology of Charles Sanders Peirce titled:

‘What Makes A Reasoning Sound’ Is The Proof Of Its Truth: A Reconstruction Of Peirce’s Semiotics As The Epistemic Logic, And Why He Did Not Complete His Realistic Revolution.

2016 Update

I am working and going to finish my book: On Beauty of Artworks as Aesthetic True Representation of Reality: A Collection of Pragmaticist Inquiries into the Epistemology of Artistic Creation and Evaluation.

In the Peircean Pragmaticist epistemology I consider that our knowledge of reality is accomplished by the three basic Normative Sciences: Theoretic, Ethic, and Aesthetic, representing in different modes the reality.
Recently I also finished two more chapters:

Epistemology of Aesthetic Experience: Criticizing and Reconstructing Kant’s Aesthetic Theories of Genius Creativity and Judgment of Beauty.

Wittgenstein Philosophy, and How May Aesthetic Languages of Artworks Represent Reality Beautifully.

2017 Update

The first item for this year's annual review is my article which I presented in the 8th Quadrennial International Fellows Conference of the Center for Philosophy of Science, Lund University, Sweden July 2016:
“Epistemic Logic: All Knowledge is Based on our Experience, and Epistemic Logic is the Cognitive Representation of our Experiential Confrontation in Reality.”

My article “‘What Makes Reasoning Sound’ Is the Proof of its Truth: A Reconstruction of Peirce’s Semiotics as Epistemic Logic, and why he did not Complete his Realistic Revolution”  was accepted for publication in the journal Semiotica.

I completed writing my book, On Beauty of Artworks as Aesthetic True Representation of Reality: A Collection of Pragmaticist Inquiries into the Epistemology of Artistic Creation and Evaluation and its last chapter, “On Post-Modern Artworks: A New Aesthetic Genres or Rather of Pseudo Concept of Art, and then What, After All, Is a Work of Art?”

I sent my article “Wittgenstein and Pragmatism: On the True Meaning and Knowledge of our Conventions” for pre-publication and presentation in the 40th Wittgenstein International Symposium.





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