Texts Available for Download
Recent Lecture Series and Collections:
Stirrings of Analytic Pragmatism: Early Writings
Reasons: Three Essays on their Logic, Pragmatics, and Semantics
Brentano Lectures (Vienna 2019) Recollection and Recognition: Semantic and Practical Dimensions of Hegel's Phenomenology
Dewey Lectures (Shanghai 2018) Inferentialism, Normative Pragmatism, and Metalinguistic Expressivism
Nordic Pragmatism Lectures (Helsinki 2014) Analytic Pragmatism, Expressivism, and Modality
Aquinas Lecture (Marquette 2019) Heroism and Magnanimity: The Postmodern Form of Self-Conscious Agency
Howison Lecture (Berkeley 2013) "Reason, Genealogy, and the Hermeneutics of Magnanimity"
FAGI-Humboldt Lectures (Leipzig 2015-2019) "A Pragmatist Semantic Reading of Hegel's Phenomenology:
18 Lectures from A Spirit of Trust" (video of these lectures available on "Video and Audio"page)
Wiedererinnerter Idealismus English version (2015)
From Empiricism to Expressivism: Brandom Reads Sellars (2015)
Woodbridge Lectures (Columbia 2008) Animating Ideas of Idealism: A Semantic Sonata in Kant and Hegel
Three Essays on the Metaphysics of Objects and Properties
Panoramas of Mind and Meaning
"On the Structure of Reasons: Pragmatics, Semantics, and Logic"
"From Logical Expressivism to Expressivist Logics"
"The Pragmatist Roots and Some Expressivist Extensions of The Dialogical Roots of Deduction"
"From German Idealism to American Pragmatism--and Back"
"Intentionality and Language: A Normative, Pragmatist, Inferentialist Approach"
"Some Strands of Wittgenstein's Normative Pragmatism, and Some Strains of his Semantic Nihilism"
"Rorty on Vocabularies," and "Remembering Rorty" from Revisiting Rorty
"How Analytic Philosophy has Failed Cognitive Science"
"On the Way to a Pragmatist Theory of the Categories"
"Georg Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit--an Untimely Review"
"Global Anti-Representationalism?"
"Reason, Expression, and Perspective: Three Leibnizian Master-Ideas, Then and Now"
"Vernunft, Ausdruck, und Perspektiv: Drei Leitideen von Leibniz: damals und heute"
"Towards Reconciling Two Heroes: Habermas and Hegel"
"Some Hegelian Ideas of Note for Contemporary Analytic Philosophy"
"The Pragmatist Enlightenment (and its Problematic Semantics)"
"A Hegelian Model of Legal Concept Determination: The Normative Fine Structure of the Judges' Chain Novel"
"An Arc of Thought: From Rorty's Eliminative Materialism to his Pragmatism"
"Some Post-Davidsonian Elements of Hegel's Theory of Agency"
"Critical Notice of Blind and Worried or The Sorter Resorted"
"Semantic Inferentialism and Logical Expressivism"
"Pre-Hegelian Stages in the Metaphysics of Normativity" ('Lost' chapter of A Spirit of Trust)
"Hegel and Analytic Philosophy"
"Facts, Norms, and Normative Facts: A Reply to Habermas"
"Modal Expressivism and Modal Realism: Together Again"
"Sellars's Metalinguistic Expressivist Nominalism"
"Sortals, Identity, and Modality: The Metaphysical Significance of the Modal Kant-Sellars Thesis"
"The Centrality of Sellars's Two-Ply Account of Observation to the Arguments of Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind"
"Categories and Noumena: Two Axes of Sellars's Thought"
"Truth and Assertibility"
"What Are Singular Terms, and Why Are There Any?"
"What Are Singular Terms, and Why Are There Any?" Handout
"Conceptual Content and Discursive Practice"
"Understanding the Object/Property Structure in Terms of Negation: An Introduction to Hegelian Logic and Metaphysics"
"The Structure of Desire and Recognition: Self-Consciousness and Self-Constitution"
"Heidegger's Categories in Being and Time"
"Dasein, the Being that Thematizes"
"Modality and Normativity: From Hume and Quine to Sellars and Kant"
"Inferentialism and Some of Its Challenges"
"Frege's Technical Concepts: Some Recent Developments"
"A Social Route from Reasoning to Representing"
"Reference Explained Away"
"Fighting Skepticism with Skepticism"
"Metaphilosophical Reflections on the Idea of Metaphysics"
"Al-Mukhatabat Issue on Brandom (Janvier 2014)"
"Artificial Intelligence and Analytic Pragmatism"
"Holism and Idealism in Hegel's Phenomenology"
"Sketch of a Program for a Critical Reading of Hegel: Comparing Empirical and Logical Concepts"
"Some Pragmatist Themes in Hegel's Idealism:
  Negotiation and Administration in Hegel's Account of the Structure and Content of Conceptual Norms"
"Pragmatism, Phenomenalism, and Truth Talk"
"Hermeneutic Practices and Theories of Meaning"
"Pragmatism, Inferentialism, and Modality in Sellars's Arguments against Empiricism"
"The Significance of Complex Numbers for Frege's Philosophy of Mathematics"
"Intentionality as a Pragmatically Mediated Semantic Relation"
"Explanatory vs Expressive Deflationism about Truth"
"Extending the Project of Analysis"
"Modality, Normativity, and Intentionality"
"Elaborating Abilities: The Expressive Role of Logic"
"Pragmatics and Pragmatisms"
"Vocabularies of Pragmatism: Synthesizing Naturalism and Historicism"
"What Do Expressions of Preference Express?"
"Adequacy and the Individuation of Ideas in Spinoza's Ethics"
"Unsuccessful Semantics"
"Action, Norms, and Practical Reasoning"
"The Centrality of Sellars's Two-Ply Account of Observation"
"No Experience Necessary"
"Noninferential Knowledge, Perceptual Experience, and Secondary Qualities: Placing McDowell's Empiricism"
"Perception and Rational Constraint"
"Knowledge and the Social Articulation of the Space of Reasons"
"Incompatibility, Modal Semantics, and Intrinsic Logic"
"Leibniz and Degrees of Perception"
"Platforms, Patchworks, and Parking Garages: Wilson's Account of Conceptual Fine-Structure in Wandering Significance"
"A Semantic Paradox of Material Implication"
"A Binary Sheffer Operator Which Does the Work of Quantifiers and Sentential Connectives"
"Singular Terms and Sentential Sign Designs"
"Reason, Expression, and the Philosophic Enterprise"
"Three Problems with the Empiricist Conception of Concepts"
"Why Truth is Not Important in Philosophy"
"Philosophy and the Expressive Freedom of Thought"
"Insights and Blindspots of Reliabilism"
"Objectivity and the Normative Fine Structure of Rationality"
"When Philosophy Paints its Blue on Gray: Irony and the Pragmatist Enlightenment"
"Reasoning and Representing"
"Introduction to Articulating Reasons"
"Expressing and Attributing Beliefs"
"The Social Anatomy of Inference"
"From a Critique of Cognitive Internalism to a Conception of Objective Spirit:
  Reflections on Descombes's Anthropological Holism"
"Kantian Lessons about Mind, Meaning, and Rationality"
"Freedom and Constraint by Norms"
"Points of View and Practical Reasoning"
"Response to Pippin, Macbeth, and Haugeland comments on Tales of the Mighty Dead"
"Overcoming a Dualism of Concepts and Causes: A Unifying Thread in Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind"
"Inference, Expression, and Induction: Sellarsian Themes"
Historical Lagniappe:
Bob as Princeton Grad Student
"Practice and Object" (Princeton Ph.D. Dissertation 1976)
"Assertion and Conceptual Roles" (Research Project Notes Draft, 1980)