2002-03 Pittsburgh Chess League

Scenes from Round 7 on March 16, 2003.

Castillo vs Chabassol

Gonzalo Castillo playing for the CMU Tartans on move against team captain Wade Chabassol (with a cup of coffee) of Triple Threat I. On 3rd board, Jeff Schreiber contemplates his move.

Ambrad vs Schreiber

Antonio Ambrad of the CMU Tartans back at his board against Jeff Schreiber of Triple Threat I.

Shchukin vs Leverett

Sergey Shchukin playing 1st board for the CMU Tartans vs Bruce Leverett of Triple Threat I. On the remaining boards of the match, we see for the CMU Tartans Jeff Quirke, Antonio Ambrad and Gonzalo Castillo.

Triple Threat I

Wade Chabassol, Jeff Schreiber, Joe Winwood and Bruce Leverett of Triple Threat I playing their match against the CMU Tartans.

Phalanx I vs Pitt I

The Phalanx I vs Pitt I match: from bottom to top, Bill Hughes on 1st board vs Tom Magar, Ryan Milisits (away from the board) vs Bob Renk, Avi Niedelman on 3rd board vs Don Meigs, and John Caliguire an 4th board vs Alex Osipovich.

Szurek vs Jackson

Jim Szurek of Rocky's Rooks I on his way to the Division II 3rd Board Prize vs Bacler Jackson of Hill Carnegie II. On the top boards of the match we see Jeff Schragin and Clyde Kapinos of Rocky's Rooks I.

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Last Revised: March 23, 2003