Pittsburgh Chess League

2019-20 Pittsburgh Chess League Season

The Pittsburgh Chess League is played one Sunday a month from September to April in the William Pitt Union at 2pm.

Team pairings, wallcharts and rosters

Select a division for pairings, standings and team rosters.

Reports to captains for download in PDF

Current Games

View current games at Pittsburgh Chess League blog

Submit games to pawnspeed799@gmail.com. Full game information, clarity and timeliness are important. It is possible to submit games by taking a digital picture (cell phone picture) of a scoresheet and emailing it. Better, is if you may have a computer program that will analyze a game and save it as PGN.

Pittsburgh Chess League Regulations

Forms available for download in PDF

Pittsburgh Chess League Newsletter

Issues available for download in PDF

Games available for download in PGN

Pittsburgh Chess League History

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Last Revised: March 19, 2020