Image of Shinwoo Kim

What’s New?

January 2022
I am teaching recitations for CS0449 and CS0441 in the spring.
August 2022
I am working as a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Computer Science. I will be leading recitations for CS 0441 in Fall 2022.
July 2022
I am working with Special Needs Assistance Program as the Chief Technical Officer and Lead Developer to create the website and app which aims to connect the neurodiverse and neurotypical communities.
March 2022
I am working on the Touch the Invisible project alongside Dr. Zuzana Swigonova and her team to create a free and open-source library of macromolecular complexes for classroom use.
October 2021
I am working with the Pitt’s Office of Admissions and Financial Aid as a Diversity Recruitment Educator and Mentor (DREAM Team) as part of Pitt’s outreach efforts.
October 2021
I joined the University of Pittsburgh’s Hill District Community Engagement Center as the STEAM ambassador (sponsored by the University Honors College). I will be supporting and developing STEAM-based outreach programs targeting the Hill District community including the CEC STEAM Saturday courses.
July 2021
I am working with the School of Computing & Information Community Outreach to develop the curriculum for Bridges to IT Jump-Starting a Career in IT and teach the course in the fall. The course is intended for high school students who wish to begin their career and IT.
May 2021
I will be attending the University of Pittsburgh for my bachelor’s degree where I will be studying Computer Science.