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Wilkommen beim Deutsch Klub!

The University of Pittsburgh German Club is a student-run club officially registered with the University. We sponsor many German-themed activities throughout the course of the school year. We have many undergraduate and graduate members, and we also welcome members of the community. The main activity of the German club is Stammtisch, or conversation table. This is a great opportunity for German students and non-German students alike to come together talk about German-related topics in German or English. We welcome all levels of German level fluencies from non-experienced to native speakers.

In addition to Stammtisch, we also sponsor many other events such as Filmabend, where we show German language movies with English subtitles, authentic German dinners, ice-skating trips, beer-drinking contests*, a German Help Desk, fun excursions and social events. Our Facebook group is one of the best ways to find out about any upcoming events.

It is our mission to foster a better understanding of German language and culture (Austrian, Swiss, Liechtenstein, and German). Our vision is to supplement the academic endeavors of students interested in German culture and language through extracurricular activities and to promote a better understanding and appreciation of German culture, as well as working with other language clubs to promote general understanding and respect of cultures.

Join us for Stammtisch conversation group!

Thursdays from 8:00 to 10:00 PM for the Fall 2014 semester
Located at Dunkin Donuts on Forbes by Litchfield Towers

All levels of German speakers are welcome to join us

Wir vergnuegen uns bei Stammtisch! Bitte Mitglied werden!

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