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Research Methods Supercourse

Publish Soon, Publish Often, a Guide to Scientific Publications

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Introduction      Questions and Answers     Dr.Serageldin Course 

Quantitative Techniques for Social Science Research. A Course in Ten Lectures by Ismail Serageldin 

"This Course Is About How to Think about Social Science Research.
I hope that this course will make you THINK.
Research Studies can have major impacts
on the life of a nation and a society.
So, your studies could one day have a major impact…
Now Think:
whether it is through modeling, or surveys, or through experimental designs
to test new treatments… What could you do to make this a better
Ismail Serageldin

Course is published on BA Webcast along with all the videos(in Arabic).

  Introduction and other Lectures in Supercourse Format (in English) pdf file

Science, Method & Measurement 
Part A: On Science, On the Scientific Method
Part B: Understanding Society To Design Social Policies
Part C: Measurement
pdf file
2 Building An Index
Part A: Case Study: Measuring I.Q.
Part B: Case Study: Measuring Poverty
pdf file
3 Correlation & Causality
Part A: Organizing Data. Chi-Square
Part B: Correlation and Causality
Part C: Experimental Design
pdf file
4 Probability & Statistics
Part A: Probabilities
Part B: Statistics, Standard Scores and Normalization
pdf file
5 Samples & Surveys
Part A: Data, Variables, Statistics and Parameters
Part B: How To Select A Probability Sample
Part C: Calculation & Conclusions
pdf file
6 Experimental & Quasi-experimental Designs
Part A: Validity Issues
Part B: Designs
Part C: Hormones and Heart Attacks
pdf file

Conceptual Models
Part A: A Model of Social Change
Part B: Transactions And Trust
pdf file

Quantitative Models
Part A: Models. The Interaction of Science and Math
Part B: Quantitative Models.Complex Models And Meta-Studies
Part C: Agent-Based Models. Data Mining & Neural Networks
pdf file

Complexity & Chaos
Part A: Problems Of Complexity
Part B: Complexity And Chaos

Part C: Incredible Applications
pdf file
10 Recapitulation - Envoi
Part A: Recapitulation 1
Part B: Recapitulation 2

Part C: Recapitulation 3
Part D: Envoi
pdf file