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Dancing Statistics
Statistics Explained Through Modern Dance: A New Way of Teaching a Tough Subject

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Mirror of  Serageldin Research Methods Library of Alexandria (RMLA)

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   We all need statistics in our daily lives.  However, Statistical literacy in the world is poor.  Much of this is due to “stataphobia” which is the fear of statistics and not having experts available to help.  In developing countries the problem is great as only 3% of the scientific publications are from developing countries, while 80% of the World's population live there as well as 24.1% of the scientists.

   The Bibliotheca Alexandria (Library of Alexandria) has developed a systems to improve learning about Research Methods and to help students and budding young researchers. To accomplish this we have build the largest virtual research methods library and have begun the largest research methods book library in the world.

   Our mission is to help students learn research methods, to aid with statistics of everyday life in research and publication, with the goal to improve global research methods literacy. This is a free service built by the library and many statistical experts in the world.


The components of the Serageldin RMLA are:

1.  Research Methods Library of Alexandria
Research Methods Supercourse: We have collected over 1000 PowerPoint lectures from Experts an many different facets of research design with Serageldin Euclid Research Methods Library of Alexandria Resources

    1.2. Science Supercourse research methods and statistics lectures

   1.3. "BA Supercourse Help Desk" You can post questions to be answered by experts using address.    

2. RMLA Statistical Matrix This is system to help students learn about statistics by having many different lectures on the same statistics topics.

3. BA Africa  We are particularly concerned about building research and statistical capacity in Africa

4. BA Serageldin Research Methods Wiki:  We build on the classical statistics models above, and are developing a Serageldin Research methods Wiki for 25 areas of science.


We have many other components which can be found at:

This page in Arabic    This page in Spanish       This page in English      This page in Russian   This Page in Urdu    This page in French      This page in Persian    

Additional RMLA   Arabic  Agriculture  Anthropology  Classical Statistics   Education  Psychology   Sociology

Research is creating new knowledge (Niel Armstrong)