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Dear Donors,

Legacy: something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past 


I just returned from Ireland on vacation. While there I was thinking of my legacy, our legacy, and Justin Bieber.  Justin will be of interest for a few years, sadly my work will not be of interest in 200 years.  However, with  BA Serageldin, we are creating a legacy where our statistics and research methods will last centuries, and will continue as we push up daisies.  Because of you we are transmitting our statistical knowledge to future generations.  We thus have developed legacies for all of us, but we have built a legacy of statistics that will stand the test of time. This unique collection of the corpus of statistical knowledge, is designed not for the past, not for the present, but indeed for the future.

I would like you all to think about what statistics will be like in 200 years, and what we need most to preserve.