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The International Year of Statistics

Dancing Statistics
Statistics Explained Through Modern Dance: A New Way of Teaching a Tough Subject

Research Methods Help:  The Bibliotheca Alexandria (BA) Research Methods Library.
The Library of Alexandria has developed one of  the largest and most comprehensive research methods library. We are here to  assist researchers in planning and analyzing their research efforts. If you have questions about research methods please contact the BA research methods library  Institute of Statistical Studies and Research - Cairo University

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   يعتمد الترقي الاكاديمي عادة علي النشر العلمي، فكلما زاد حجم النشر العلمي زادت الفرصه في الحصول علي وظيفة افضل وازادت فرص الترقي، ولكن مع الاسف حوالي 3% فقط من حجم النشر العلمي يأتي من الدول النامية علي الرغم من أن 27% من العلماء يقطنون في الدول النامية ويمثل سكان تلك الدول حوالي 80% من سكان العالم.

 يرغب النابغون الصغار في كثير من الدول القيام بكتابة الابحاث ونشرها بل يتوجب عليهم ذلك، ولكنهم لا يقومون به، والسبب في ذلك يرجع إلي الفوبيا أو التخوف من تصميم البحوث والاحصاءات وعدم القدرة علي التواصل مع الأشخاص الذين يمكنهم تقديم المساعدة، حوالي 80% من الأبحاث غير المقبوله للنشر يكون السبب فى ذلك هو الافتقار إلي المنهجية الرصينة.

يسعد مكتبة الاسكندرية أن تقدم "مكتبة الاسكندرية للمنهجيات البحثية باللغة العربية"، وتُعد تلك المكتبه واحدة من أكبر التجميعات الشامله للمنهجيات البحثية، حيث يمكنك أن تجد اجابة لكل الاسئلة الخاصة بمنهجيات بحثك في تلك المكتبة. 

The components of the BA Arabic Research Methods Library of Alexandria are:

Overview of the concepts of Quantitative research (Ismail Serageldin) with Arabic Video lectures
"BA Supercourse Help Desk" You can post questions in Arabic to be answered by experts using address.
Research Methods Supercourse: We have collected over 1000 PowerPoint lectures from Experts an many different facets of research design (Lectures and Youtube Videos in Arabic
see below).

5. Overview of systems approach to research in lecture by Dr. Francois W.Sauer on Well-being and Systemic Thinking: A path to Peace and Harmony in the World (BVA 2016)

6. Research Apps: Collection of Apps in Science in Arabic

7. Survey Portal: We have identified top quality surveys on Smoking, Physical Activity, Quality of Life, and  Disability. These surveys have been translated into Arabic and other languages and available for free for research efforts.

8. Central Asian Journal of Global Health (CAJGH)

9. RMLA Regional Centers

10. RMLA Books including links to books in Arabic

11. BA Africa Health Supercourse

12. Research In Arab Countries lecture by Dr. Eman Eltahlawy 

13. Arabic RMLA Statistical Matrix

14.Arabic language BA Arabic Research Methods Library of Alexandria materials


Lectures in Arabic
Youtube/Videos in Arabic
How to write a scientific Paper? In Arabic

Finger print recognition in Arabic
Ear recognition in Arabic
Retina recognition in Arabic
Introduction to biometrics in Arabic
Face recognition in Arabic
Keystroke biometrics in Arabic
Collection of Scientific Research Methods lectures sent by Dr. Youssef A. Attia(21)

Sharjah Uni, UAE - the official research method course manual in Arabic


Image segmentation using K-means clustering in Matlab in Arabic

كيف تحول أفكارك إلى حقيقة

خطوات البحث العلمي

Medical Statistics; the basics 1 in Arabic

Memorable Presentation Skills For Professional Success- Webinar Recording in Arabic

Data Entry in Arabic​

SPSS descriptives in Arabic

SPSS frequencies in Arabic
SPSS crosstabs in Arabic

Endnote in Arabic

Poster Presentation - How to?

 Introduction for  statistics
Introduction for  statistics
Difference between descriptive and analytic stat
Frequent distribution
Types of samples
Frequent distribution
Stat graphs
Stem and leaf distribution
Stat cheating
Level of measurement
Intro Central tendency
Comparison between central tendency measurement

Data analysis part one
Data analysis part two

Research methods/ hypothesis
Experimental study
Write research plan for scientific research
Steps for research
Types of research writing


Mathematics and Mathematical Astronomy books in Arabic (ancient and early modern mathematics and mathematical astronomy)



Search inside of Supercourse and lectures in HTML and PPT format