Supercourse Ode by Francis Ohanyido

    Francis Ohanyido, Nigeria

An Ode:

An Ode to BA SuperDesk

The Empiricist’s Song gone West
The Sphinx, a silent shadow of the East
The Pyramid , a patient witness

From the Obelisk of Knowledge
The Great Ankh, we took
And Euclid’s secrets, laid bare
Piercing Apathy’s Heart
Banishing Fear’s torment
In the brightness of Ra
Looking into the Nile
A memory of research
Now desert of publications

We looked forlornly
From Lagos to Karachi
…And beyond
A story of dearth
And death of the researcher
An elegy to another age

Does one not ask?
Why have we faltered?
Why have we declined?
 And Ron answered “stataphobia”
Holding a scroll of hope
For stataphobia is a deadly curse
Anathema to better research

We invoked the Muse
Herald of ancient calls
From the hallowed Halls
Echoing off the walls
In labyrinthine chants
From the City of Alexander
And knowledge rose
From its trove

In the Epidemiological Grail
In the Cauldron of Supercourse
Served in the New Age Chalice
 By many a thousand Wiseman
In ‘empiricician cascade’
Of Sage and Acolyte
Returning statistics
From the verge
 A Synergy
Of minds and methods

BA SuperDesk
A bane to stataphobia is born
In the dawn of a New Spring
Do you have a question for these Wisemen?

By Francis Ohanyido 2013