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Review Questions

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  1. How important is cancer as a global health problem?
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  3. What is cancer?
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  5. "Cancer doesn’t grow freely like cells in a tissue culture dish. The patient puts up a fight!" Discuss this statement in terms of the role of host resistance in the biology of cancer.
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  7. What is the natural history of cancer? How does this form the basis for clinical staging? Why is staging important?
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  9. What is the "gold standard" for diagnosing cancer? What are biological markers for cancer?
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  11. What implications does a knowledge of the biology of cancer have for controlling the disease?
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  13. "Cancer is a lifestyle disease." Discuss this statement with reference to the role of social factors in the causation of cancer.
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  15. How does a knowledge of the role of social factors in the causation of cancer help to control the disease?
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  17. What are the three basic causal mechanisms for cancer?
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  19. What are oncogenes? How do they mediate the effects of carcinogens?
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  21. What is malignant transformation of a cell?
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  23. How do tumors spread and kill their hosts? What is metastasis?
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  25. Does diet play a role in cancer causation?
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  27. What are risk factors? How are they quantified?
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  29. How do social risk factors affect cancer etiology?
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  31. What risk factors are implicated currently in causing cancer?
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    What is their relative importance?


  33. What is the transition phenomenon? What is a DALY?
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  35. Does cancer have the same pattern in populations from either developed or developing countries?
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  37. Are patterns of cancer occurrence independent of space (geography) and time across all countries of the world?
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  39. Discuss the social and economic impacts of cancer as a world health problem.



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