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Golden Lecture of Prevention lecture Uploading date: June 03, 2003 Last update on      September 21, 2020

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”
Henry De Bracton, 1240


The value of primary prevention was known to mankind for many centuries. Unfortunately, even today its benefits are not always recognized due to preoccupation with high tech modern medicine.

We, at the Supercourse project (, decided to the importance of prevention with the development of the “Golden Lecture of Prevention”.

Supercourse, funded by the National Library of Medicine, NIH, is an Internet based library of lectures on prevention and public health, shared for free by 65,000 members from 174 countries in the Global Health Network. We have developed a Golden Lecture of Prevention to illustrate and commemorate the role of prevention in continuing to make our planet healthier.