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For example
In seismic area telephone communication can be likely suspended. But police, fire police and other emergency institution can still be able to keep wireless connection which is an efficient way available for public health institution. On the other hand, staffs of broadcasting and telecom often take high qualified commutation facilities with them in scene after disaster occurred.   
Tele news media can act as another effective method for providing sanitary suggestions or renewing of deaths. For instance, in emergency period, notice people in time the potential possibility of landslide to arouse highly vigilance, and clear people as soon as possible to prevent further injuries and deaths in the area where rock fall, landslide or mud rock flow could strike. When SOA and weather bureau initiate warning, people located in the low land on the bank must be first evacuated at once.
After 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, the investigation of Bourque, Goltz and their colleagues shows, despite there are many injuries and deaths in earthquake, as high as 40% of deaths occurred in the first 72hs after earthquake broke up. But we are able to avoid the situation if public warnings are available. The more ideal situation is public institution can direct the media to issue evacuating information to insure all people knows that they are facing to in an earthquake.