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The response of the Ministry of Land and Resources after this quake
Starting the preplanned emergency response scheme for super geological disaster, organizing geologists to the disaster area, establishing the check of the most important hidden troubles and guiding the evading and prevention and treatment of geological disaster.
Assembling 7 aircrafts to carry out the aviatic photography, arranging 6 high resolution radar-remote sensing satellites to get the remote sensing pictures of the disaster area after the quake. These measurements had offered 19,000 pieces of relief maps for disaster relief and 22,000 special maps on analysis of disaster situation and rescue situation till May 25th 
Paying a close attention to the weather condition and forecasting the happening of geological disasters, ruling out the hidden troubles in the area where the water conservancy facilities, roads and railways, power supply circuit and the communication facilities stand. And 386 places of great threaten and 34 barrier lake were discovered.
Offering the mapping ensurence for the reconstruction. Establishing the emergence-response check, resuming the mining work, programming the land for reconstruction and revising the plans of prevention and treatment for earthquake properly. And ensuring the land for reconstruction after earthquake, starting the green channel for the approval of the land, practising special land-supply policy and enhancing the effort for reclaiming of the destroyed plowland.