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To foster collaboration we will bring the Supercourse (free open source library of lectures) to Central Asian countries and CAREN.  The mission of the Supercourse is to build a scientific network where scientists can exchange their best powerpoint lectures for teaching and research. Currently are 50,000 faculty from 174 countries who are interested in global health and participating in the Supercourse.  Sixty of the faculty are from Central Asia.  There are 4855 lectures collected, of which 44 are from Central Asia.  Here too there is hope, as several of the lectures are of such high quality that they are ranked as the top lectures in their areas on the web, out of 15 million. There are 77 lectures from Nobel Prize winners, etc.  During the past year we have taught 1 million individuals. Our H1N1 lecture was seen by 50 million people.

We will first build 10 fold increase in scientists in the Supercourse from Central Asia.