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Knowledge of the Environment: Data that describe the community, its health, and threats to its health are critical parts of building health. There are many methods and sources of such data.
Identifying and Mobilizing Resources
: Resources are those entities which add value. Resources for improvement can be found in all communities, often in very unexpected places. Once found, they must be mobilized to move the healthy community efforts along.
Forging Collaboration
: Collaboration is the joint development of projects. It is the “Win -Win” situation. We must understand and value all contributions and must build trust in the community for successful collaboration.
Creating Ownership:
Ownership is the buy-in of participants brought about by their inclusion in the development of a venture or intervention. This is critical to the success in building health in a community.
Measuring Performance:
Measuring performance provides evidence of success or lack of success in building health in the community. Performance measures quantify the work and outcomes.