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August 8-10, 2005, Kaunas, Lithuania


Organizing Committee:  Ronald LaPorte,  Workshop Co-Director; Eugene Shubnikov, Workshop Co-Director;  Faina Linkov,  Workshop Chair and Key Organizer;  Skirmante Starkuviene,  Valdone Valiene, Vitalija Butleriene, Dinas Vaitkaitis, Vilius Grabauskas, Local Organizers;  

 August 8, 2005     Session 1 -Welcome and Introductions      

  Disaster epidemiology

Vilius Grabauskas


Data for Decision making in disasters: advances and controversies

Eric Noji






Session 2-Global Health Network Supercourse

  Global Health Network Supercourse Ronald LaPorte
  FSU Supercourse developments  (in Spanish) Eugene Shubnikov
  Specialized Supercourses, mirror servers, and opportunities for collaboration  (in Spanish) Faina Linkov





                              Session 3-Baltic collaborations


Examination of Narcotic Drugs and Ethyl Alcohol Among the Soldiers in Lithuania

Darius Jankauskas    Robertas Obrikis


Emergency preparedness in the Baltics   (in Spanish)

Dinas Vaitkaitis


STATE FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICE: our view to Scientific Networking and Global Health Supercourse

Vladas Mireckas


From Injury Epidemiology to Injury prevention: Lithuanian experience

Skirmante Starkuviene






Session 4-Baltic collaborations


  Estonia Civil Protection Systems

Raul Adlas


Preparing for the Preparedness Emergency and Disaster medicine system in Latvia

Maija Busmane

 Dinner, restaurant Berneliu uzeiga


Lithuanian Food Fest", International drinks and snacks break, Takioji Neris Hotel                



August 9,2005


Session 1-Ukrainian collaborations



Chernobyl disaster and experience of population protection from nuclear accident

Boris Ledoshchuk, Natalia Gudzenko


Biosafety and Threat Reduction Activities in Georgia

Lela Bakanidze


Natural disaster risks in Ukraine     in Russian language

Natalia Vynoghrad




                   Session 2-Challenges to Global Health


Concept and terms used by government of Estonia in the field of health care preparedness for disaster

Ursel Kedars


“Is it Possible to Make People Accept Network Prevention as a Paradigm of Global Safety System?”

Andrei Troufanov


Safety Issues of Electric Power Production in Russian Federation: Brief Review and Analysis of Accidents and Emergencies"

Andrei Troufanov





Session 3 -Earthquake mitigation



The 99 Marmara Earthquatke and Afterwards   (in Spanish)

Ayse Emel ÖNAL


Earthquakes in Turkey

Yakut Irmak Ozden


Experience of implementation of standardized trauma treatment methodology Advanced Trauma Life Support® courses (ATLS®) in Lithuania

Salvijus Milašius




                   Session 4 - Environmental challenges


Enviromental Risk Assessment

Liviu Daniel Galatchi


Amchitka Expedition as a Model for Multi- and Interdisciplinary Research into Radionuclide Contamination into the Marine Environment

C. Dan Volz


Respiratory Symptoms Reported by Adults living in an Air Polluted Area in Jordan

Kawkab Shishani






Walking Tour of Kaunas       


August 10, 2005


Session 1-Disaster prevention


A novel inter-country program between Greece and Turkey:Public Health Disaster Management

Eleni Exertzoglou


Epidemiologic profile and risk factors of traffic accidents in Tunisia

Hassen Ghannem


The National Advisory Committee on Children and Terrorism and Current U.S. Changes in How Preparedness is Evaluated

Peter Rumm




Session 2-Disaster prevention


Indications of zinc deficiency for Lithuanian population and its geomedical control

Marija Jakubeniene,               Gediminas Zukauskas


Impact of Environmental Factors on Psychic Disorders and Somatic Diseases in Lithuania

Saulius Sliaupa
Disaster data base a new experimental model   (in Spanish) Allessandra Rossodivita


Session 3 - Future Directions and wrap up

Ronald LaPorte


Closing reception - Restarant Senieji rusiai



Global Idea - Ron LaPorte  -    Idea for the meeting - Faina Linkov -

Main financial support - NATO grant 

Pictures: Boris Ledoshchuk, Allessandra Rossodivita, Skirmante Starkuviene

Web Design - Eugene Shubnikov

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