Simulation of a Quantum Computer

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Last Modified: 4-Dec-2015

4-Dec-2015 Version 5.0 has now be posted.
29-Jan-2010 Added a link to a contribution posted by R. Muradian.
26-Aug-2007 Version 2.0 released. This version is compatible with Mathematica 6.0
10-Apr-2007 Added a new possibility for downloading Qdensity in the Download section. This contains the same Qdensity.m package but now the different notebooks can be conveniently browsed and studied using the Mathematica Help browser.
18-Jan-2007 A bug in MeasureKet which affected symbolic calculations has been corrected. Downlowad the current Qdensity.m
29-May-2006 Manual is published in:
Bruno Julia Diaz, Joseph M. Burdis and Frank Tabakin,
Computer Physics Communications 174 (2006) 914
03-Apr-2006 RandomQubit1 function has been corrected. Now the RandomQubits are homogeneously distributed inside the sphere of R=1.
The procedure used is: generate a random point using cartesian coordinates and keep only the ones inside the sphere.
03-Apr-2006 Fidelity implementation improved in accuracy
25-Nov-2005 -A similar phase is corrected in RandomKet1 and RandomBra1
- Minor typo corrected in QFT.nb
25-Sep-2005 A phase in functions Bra1/Ket1 has been corrected
24-Aug-2005 Some figures revised in QDNotebooks and manual
Improved the loading of package.
16-Aug-2005 The palette is now resizable
Minor correction on Tutorial.nb
13-Aug-2005 Manual posted as QUANT-PH/0508101
First Release

The package may not work fully in Mathematica versions under 5.

Thanks (corrections):
Rudolf Muradian
Mark S. Everitt
Balázs Vecsei

(c) Bruno Juliá Díaz and Frank Tabakin

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