Simulation of a Quantum Computer

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 Last modified: 28-Jan-2010

CNOT and Toffoli Gates (R. Muradian)
A demonstration in the Wolfram demonstration page of the use of CNOT and Toffoli gates acting on multi-qubit systems. See this link to download the notebook or run it online. (Jan 2010)
EXAMPLE (B. Julia-Diaz, F. Tabakin)
Here we would like to post contributions form QDENSITY users. They can be simple applications of QDENSITY commands or pedagogical examples which may be useful for future users. To submitt a contribution please email it (preferably as a Mathematica notebook) to us: Bruno Julia-Diaz (bjulia@gmail.com) or Frank Tabakin (tabakin@pitt.edu)

Feedback, corrections, and commentaries are more than welcome, please email them to tabakin@pitt.edu or bjulia@gmail.com

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