Vladimir I. Zadorozhny


    Department of Informatics and Networked Systems

              School of Computing and Information

                      University of Pittsburgh




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I am a lead faculty for Big Data Analytics and Database and Web Systems Concentrations.

Teaching Portfolio:

University of Pittsburgh ( Pittsburgh, PA)

            Courses taught (2001-2022):

                  INFSCI1540 (Data Engineering)

                  INFSCI1022 (Database Management Systems)

                  INFSCI2710 (Database Management)

                  INFSCI2711 (Advanced Topics in Data Management)

                  TELCOM2326 (Distributed Databases)

                   INFSCI3350 (Doctoral Seminar: Refining Big Data)

                  INFSCI3967 (Doctoral Seminar: Network-Aware Data Management)

                  INFSCI3350 (Doctoral Seminar: Complex Adaptive Information Systems)

University of Agder (Grimstad, Norway)

            Courses taught (2017-2022):

                  IKT453 (Intelligent Data Management)

                  IKT446 (Database Management)

University of Maryland (College Park, MD)

            Courses taught (1999-2000):

                  CMCS424 (Database Design)

                  CMCS624 (Database Systems Implementation)