project members

Elizabeth Arkush (PI), University of Pittsburgh 

Aimee Plourde (Co-PI), University of Sheffield

Rolando Paredes Eyzaguirre (Co-director)

Cecilia Chávez Justo (Ceramic Analyst)

BrieAnna Langlie, Washington University

David Rodriguez, PUCP

Matt Velasco, Vanderbilt University

Erika Brant, University of Virginia

Humberto Tacca

Amadeo Mamani

Javier Chalcca

Albino Pilco

Marco Bedoya

Excavations in 2011 and 2012 also benefited from the assistance and overall fabulousness of Gabriela Cervantes, Pedro Arguello, Juan Carlos Vargas, Scotti Norman, Brian McCray, Whit Hamilton, Francisco Garrido, Virginia Pilco, Guillermo Flores, and many members of the community of Chila.

The 2009 and 2010 seasons were made possible by the help of Lucia Zea Canaza, Jacob Bongers, Kevin Hill, Brian McCray, Michelle Young, and members of the communities of Chila and Arboleda and the towns of Vilque and Tiquillaca.

We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the authorities of Tiquillaca and Vilque.

Posters were mounted in 2013 in the city halls at Tiquillaca and Vilque to disseminate knowledge about the site and promote responsible tourism.


Clockwise from left front: Marco Bedoya, Liz Arkush, Whit Hamilton, BrieAnna Langlie, Francisco Garrido, Matt Velasco, Javier Chalcca, Humberto Tacca, Virginia Pilco.