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4/17/2015 Undergraduates Jonathan Harper and Germine Alfonse present their work at the Pitt Biology Undergraduate research sypmposium. Link to pictures.
4/02/2015 Ph.D. student Greg Wier successfully defended his thesis today!!  Congrats Dr. Wier!!
3/10/2015 Ph.D. Student Greg Wier's paper on orthogonal protein labeling in Toxoplasma gondii comes out in mBio.  In it he shows how he cleverly engineered Toxoplasma gondii to express a mutant methionyl tRNA synthetase that can orthogonally incorporate a non-canonical amino acid ONLY into Toxoplasma proteins during infection.  Congrats Greg!!  Link to open access article.
2/13/2015 PhD student Elizabeth English's review is published in Parasite Immunology.  Congrats Elise!!  Link to open access article.
1/16/2015 Undergraduate researcher Preethi Sankaran joins the lab. She will be working with fellow undergraduate Jeffrey Danielson on the effects of MAF1 expression and host mitochondria manipulation on parasite stress sensitivity. Welcome!
1/05/2015 Hot Metal Bridge Rotation student Krystal Flakes joins the lab for a semester-long rotation. Welcome!
11/10/2014 PhD student Elizabeth English's review is tentatively accepted (with very minor revisions) in Parasite Immunology.  Congrats!
11/10/2014 Rotation student Rachel Coombs (Pitt MCDB program) joins the lab.  She will be working on locus expansion and diversification and its impact on virulence.  Welcome!
10/20/2014 Katelyn Walzer's paper accepted in Eukaryotic Cell!!  Congrats to Katie (now doing her PhD at Duke University) and her other Boyle Lab co-authors, current and former:  Rachel Dam, Elizabeth English, Greg Wier, Ananth Srinivasan and Adair Borges. Also congrats to our collaborators at the USDA (JP Dubey) and the Federal Research Institute for Animal Health in Germany (Daland C Herrmann and Gereon Schares).  Link to abstract.
9/07/2014 Rotation student Dillon Kunkle (Pitt MVM program) joints the lab!  He will be working on comparing the host response to N. caninum and T. gondii.  Welcome!
8/15/2014 Rotation students Katherine Wozniak (Pitt MCDB program), Uchenna Mbawuiki (Pitt Hot Metal Bridge Program) join the lab!  Katherine will be working on locus expansion and diversification and its impact on T. gondii virulence, and Uchenna will be working on the importance of individual MAF1 paralogs on mitochondrial association with the T. gondii parasitophorous vacuole.  Welcome!
07/26/2014 Lab picnic to say goodbye to Ananth and Adair a success! Link to pictures.
07/09/2014 Greg Wier's abstract chosen for a talk at MPM 2014. Abstracts from lab members Adair Borges, Ananth Srinivasan and Elizabeth English accepted for poster presentations.
05/2014 Jon Harper, Adair Borges, Ananth Srinivasan and Germine Alfonse all get summer funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Research program!!!
04/29/2014 Collaborative manuscript on Toxoplasma-driven host mitochondrial recruitment is published in PLoS Biology. Link to article.
02/04/2014 Manuscript on gene duplication and locus diversification, and it's role in defining closely-related parasite species, is published in mBio.  Congrats to Yaw Adomako-Ankomah, Greg Wier, Adair Borges and Hannah Wand!  Link to article.
08/01/2013 Adair Borges, an Undergraduate researcher, receives a Goldwater Scholarship to fund her work in the lab for the 2013 Academic year. Read more here.
04/30/2013 Katelyn Walzer's paper published in PNAS! Link to article.