World of Obsidian cover
Arqueología de México, No. 4
University of Pittsburgh Latin American Archaeology Publications and Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (México, D.F.)
2002. 298 pp. ISBN: 970-18-2508-X

A World of Obsidian: The Mining and Trade of a Volcanic Glass in Ancient Mexico

Un mundo de obsidiana: Minería y comercio de un vidrio volcánico en el México antiguo

by / por Robert H. Cobean

A broad study of the sources of obsidian in ancient Mexico that focuses especially on the extraction and preparation of obsidian at the source locations. Fundamental for any investigation of the key economic role played by obsidian mining and trade in the development of Mesoamerican civilization. Detailed maps and descriptions of the major source locations are included. Complete text in English and Spanish.

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