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Place of Jade: Society and Economy in Ancient Chalco
Un lugar de jade: sociedad y economía en el antiguo Chalco

edited by Mary G. Hodge

The Chalco Archaeological Project, directed by Mary Hodge, documented daily life at the household level in the Basin of Mexico community of Chalco. It covers a period of over 1000 years in the context of changing community, political, and regional organization. Documentary sources portray Chalco as an independent city-state, capital of the Chalca regional confederation, which in AD 1456 was conquered and incorporated into the Aztec empire. The volume includes a review of documentary sources and complete description of the excavation of a residential mound and its stratigraphy and features. Comprehensive specialized studies are reported ceramics, lithics, ceramic and obsidian raw material sourcing, faunal remains, botanical remains, spindle whorls and textile production, figurines, and human remains. Contributions by Robbie L. Brewington, Andrés del Angel E., J. Michael Elam, Michael D. Glascock, Ana Fabiola Guzmán, Janet T. Montoya, Hector Neff, and Oscar J. Polaco. Complete text in English and Spanish.

Arqueología de México, No. 7, published by University of Pittsburgh Latin American Archaeology Publications and Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (México, D.F.), 2008. 506 pp. ISBN: 978-1-877812-85-9.

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