Multiscalar approaches cover
Comparative Archaeology, No. 3
University of Pittsburgh Center for Comparative Archaeology, Editorial Universidad de Costa Rica/Universidad de Costa Rica (San José), and Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá)
2013. 186 pp. ISBN: 978-1-877812-92-7

Multiscalar Approaches to Studying Social Organization and Change in the Isthmo-Colombian Area

Enfoques de escala múltiple en el estudio de la organización social y el cambio en el área istmo-colombiana

edited by / editado por Scott D. Palumbo, Ana María Boada Rivas, William A. Locascio, and Adam C.J. Menzies

Chapters offer new understandings of how ranked societies emerged and developed in prehistoric southern Central America and northern South America (the "Isthmo-Colombian Area"). The emphasis is on integrating the results of studies of social units at a range of different scales from the household to the local community to the region and beyond. Complete text in English and Spanish.

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