El Cajon Region cover
Memoirs in Latin American Archaeology, No. 1
University of Pittsburgh Latin American Archaeology Publications and Instituto Hondureño de Antropología e Historia (Tegucigalpa)
1989. 304 pp. ISBN: 1-877812-00-5

Archaeological Research in the El Cajon Region, Volume 1: Prehistoric Cultural Ecology

Investigaciones arqueológicas en la región de El Cajón, tomo 1: ecología cultural precolombina

edited by / editado por Kenneth Hirth, Gloria Lara Pinto, and George Hasemann

The environmental basis for a comprehensive regional archaeological study of Mesoamerica's southern periphery. Includes geography, geology, climate, vegetation, natural resources, contemporary land use, and botanical remains recovered from archaeological sites. Special feature: an extensive Spanish/English table of equivalents of the technical terms used in the volume. Complete text in English and Spanish.

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