La Plata Chiefdoms, volume 2, cover
Memoirs in Latin American Archaeology, No. 5
University of Pittsburgh Latin American Archaeology Publications and Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá)
1993. 216 pp. ISBN: 1-877812-07-2

Prehispanic Chiefdoms in the Valle de La Plata, Volume 2: Ceramics--Chronology and Craft Production

Cacicazgos prehispánicos del Valle de la Plata, tomo 2: Cerámica--cronología y producción artesanal

edited by / editado por Robert D. Drennan, Mary M. Taft, and Carlos A. Uribe

The second of five volumes reporting on the Proyecto Arqueológico Valle de la Plata's long-term archaeological investigation of the development of chiefdoms in Colombia's Alto Magdalena, home to the San Agustín culture. This volume includes two studies based on ceramics. The first contains the basic descriptions of the pottery typology, the stratigraphic record, radiocarbon dates, and the sequence of periods. The second reconstructs patterns of production and distribution of ceramics at a regional scale through petrographic analysis of raw materials. Complete text in English and Spanish.

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