Guatemala, Balberta Project, cover
Memoirs in Latin American Archaeology, No. 6
University of Pittsburgh Latin American Archaeology Publications and Asociación Tikal (Guatemala)
1993. 220 pp. ISBN: 1-877812-08-0

The Balberta Project: The Terminal Formative-Early Classic Transition on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala

El Proyecto Balberta: La transición entre el Formativo terminal y el Clásico temprano en la Costa Pacífica de Guatemala

edited by / editado por Frederick J. Bove, Sonia Medrano B., Brenda Lou P., and Bárbara Arroyo L.

A systematic reconstruction of social, political and economic changes on Guatemala's Pacific coast at the end of the Formative period, and an assessment of what role the distant emerging city of Teotihuacan played in the changes. Complete text in English and Spanish.

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