Cultivars and soils in Araracuara, report 2 cover
Report, No. 2
University of Pittsburgh Latin American Archaeology Publications and Programa Tropenbos-Colombia (Bogotá)
1991. 108 pp. ISBN: 1-877812-05-6

Cultivars, Anthropic Soils and Stability: A Preliminary Report of Archaeological Research in Araracuara, Colombian Amazonia

Plantas cultivadas, suelos antrópicos y estabilidad: Informe preliminar sobre la arqueología de Araracuara, Amazonia colombiana

by / por Santiago Mora C., Luisa Fernanda Herrera, Inés Cavalier F., and Camilo Rodríguez

Clear evidence that sedentary farmers cultivated both maize and manioc in the Colombian Amazon Basin by 2700 B.C. During the first few centuries A.D. a larger population actively managed organic garbage and eventually transported large quantities of silt from the river banks to improve the agricultural yields of the plateau they farmed. Complete text in English and Spanish.

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