Information about Sunchasers is hard to come by.  I've contacted TOYOTA repeatedly trying to find someone knowledgeable about Sunchasers and have had little success.  I have spoken with owners and found conflicting information.  I have attempted to track down the GRIFFITH Company repeatedly, and have had no success.  I feel that whatever information is to be had out there will come from you, the visitors to this site.

As always, if you have any brochures, advertisements, or magazines with Sunchaser reviews, contact me and we can arrange for you to ship them to me, I will duplicate them, and then ship them back to you.  This is how I came to own the Sunchaser Owner's Manual you see linked above.

Remember, the information on these pages comes from what I have gleaned during my contacts with other Sunchaser owners and from experience with my own Sunchaser.  I am very confident of it's reliability, but will not be held responsible for any problems resulting from misinformation.

Should you find an error on these pages, please contact me and I will be happy to correct it!

Information to ponder:

Sunchaser Owner's Manual - 871 KB - What, you didn't get one when you bought your Sunchaser from the nth owner?!?!? Well fear not! Download this file and you'll have your own copy of one! A bit grainier than I had originally indended, but I'll fix it up later.

José Cabanillas Testimonial - 66 KB - Thanks José for this. This is the best bit o' information about the cars I have received thus far. This is straight from the factory floor testimonial that you should read if you'd like to understand about where the Griffith company came from and where it went.

Motor Trend - Sunchaser Article - 3.22 MB - After a friendly owner e-mailed me telling me the magazine date and issue, I ran straight out to a local library to find this gem of an article. I shot it with a digital camera, cleaned up the photos, then painstakingly re-typed it into Aldus Pagemaker then exported it to Acrobat. I think you'll love it.

Griffith Models Brochure - 1.00 MB - A small 2-sided pamphlet that was probably just a handout at dealerships. What a svelte guy. ;)

1982 RA-6X Sunchaser Brochure - 968 KB - Though I have no photos of a -real- car, this article proves that they were at least produced to -some- quantity. Is it a Sunchaser? Well, it's academic really. Nobody seems to have one, thus I'm going to say 'yes but no'.

You may need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or better to view and print the above files.