Chris F.  Kemerer










Research Interests

  • Management of Information Systems
  • Software Engineering Measurement and Modeling
  • Accounting and Economic Issues in Information Systems
  • Technology adoption and diffusion

Researcher Ranking

  • “A Metrics Suite for Object Oriented Design”, (with S. Chidamber) ranked as the #1 most highly cited software engineering research paper ever (1972-2015) out of nearly 72,000 papers analyzed in, “Highly-Cited Papers in Software Engineering: The Top 100”, Information and Software Technology , 2016.
  • Ranked Top 12 in the world in authorship of highly cited papers, by livari, J.,“ Making Sense of the History of Information Systems Research 1975-1999: A View of Highly Cited Papers”, Communication of the AIS, v. 36, 2015.
  • INFORMS Information Systems Society Distinguished Fellow
  • “A Metrics Suite for Object Oriented Design”, (with S. Chidamber) ranked in the Top 10 most highly cited IS research papers worldwide (1993-2010) by N. Hassan, “Who else is Reading Our Research? An Exploratory Scientometric Method of Assessing IS Relevance Outside the Allied Management and Computing Fields”, Univ. of Minnesota working paper, 2011.
  • ISI/Thomson-Reuters “Highly Cited” Computing Researcher (International)
  • Joseph M. Katz Graduate School Excellence in Research Award, 2009, 2010, 2011-2012, 2012-2013
  • Ranked Top 50 Most Cited Author in top journals, 1990-2004, by Lowry, P.B., et al., “Assessing Leading Institutions, Faculty and Articles in Premier Information Systems Research Journals”, Communications of the AIS, v. 20, 2007
  • Ranked Top 10 in the world in terms of research publications, by Athey S. and Plotnicki, J. “An Evaluation of Research Productivity in Academic IT”, Communication of the AIS, v.3, March 2000. 
  • University of Pittsburgh Chancellor’s Distinguished Research Award Nominee, 1999-2000, 2012-2013.
  • Ranked Top 25 in the world in terms of research publications and productivity, by Im, K.S., Kim, K. Y., and Kim, J. S. “An Assessment of Individual and institutional research productivity in MIS”, Decision Line, January 1998.

Best Paper Recognition

Working Papers

Published Papers


  • “Discovering the Profiles and Patterns of Software Evolution”, National Science Foundation #9988315 & #9988227, co-Principal Investigator with S. Slaughter, July 1, 2000 through December 30, 2002, $316,165.
  • “Economics of Software Maintenance as part of Total Cost of Ownership”, IBM Faculty Awards Program Maximum Award.
  • “Standards Competition in the Presence of Conversion Technology: An Empirical Analysis of the Flash Memory Card Market”,  (With C. Liu and M. Smith),  NET Institute, New York University.
  • “Consumer Welfare in Two-Sided Digital Content Markets", (with B.K. Dunn), BNY Mellon Faculty Fellowship, 2011-2013.