Marek J. Druzdzel

Correct pronounciation:
AIFF [Marek] [Druzdzel]
RealAudio [Marek] [Druzdzel]

Professor Emeritus
School of Computing and Information
and Intelligent Systems Program
University of Pittsburgh


  • Habilitation, 2009, Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Computer Science.
  • Ph.D., 1992, Carnegie Mellon University, Engineering and Public Policy
  • M.S., 1987, Delft University of Technology, Computer Engineering
  • M.S., 1985, Delft University of Technology, Technical Mathematics and Informatics
  • Research interests:

    Decision making under uncertainty, decision-theoretic methods in intelligent systems, user interfaces to decision support systems

    Mailing address ():

    University of Pittsburgh
    School of Computing and Information
    B-212 IS Building
    135 North Bellefield Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15260

    Electronic addresses ():

          Phone: (412)624-9432 (VoiceMail available)
          FAX  : (412)624-2788
          EMail: marek@sis.pitt.edu
          WWW  : http://www.pitt.edu/~druzdzel

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