Epidemiology of Disasters


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Table of Contents

Epidemiology of Disasters


Historical View of Disasters

Disaster Epidemiology

What is a Disaster?

Categories of Disasters

Definition of a Disaster

Global Impact of Disasters

Global Impact of Disasters II

Are the Number of Disasters Increasing?

Number of Disasters by Year, 1964-1987

The Environment and Disasters

Disaster Mortality and Economic Development

Disasters, Population, and Vulnerability

Disasters, Population, and Vulnerability II

Disasters and Health

Communicable Disease Outbreaks


Health Effects of Hurricanes/Cyclones

Hurricane Risk in the USA

Hurricanes in the Continental USA


Health Effects of Tornadoes

Tornado Risk in the USA

Tornadoes by Month of Year

Mitigate Tornado Injuries by ..


Health Hazards of Floods

Geographic Risk for Floods

Mitigate Impact of Floods by ..


Risk for Earthquakes

Mitigate Earthquake Injuries by ..

Volcanic Eruptions

Health Hazards of Volcanoes

Geographic Risk for Volcanoes

Patterns of mortality and injury after natural disasters

Should Disaster Strike ...

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