Physics 0174

Course Description

        Physics 0174 is the first term of a two-term calculus-based introductory lecture-demonstration sequence in physics primarily for students intending to major in a field of science or engineering. Calculus is used as needed, and should be taken at least concurrently.

        Topics covered in Physics 0174 include: kinematics, Newton’s laws of motion,work,kinetic and potential energy, conservation of energy, linear momentum, conservation of linear momentum, rotational kinematics and dynamics, rigid body motion, conservation of angular momentum, simple harmonic motion, waves, and the thermodynamics of ideal gases.

        Credit will not be given for both the Physics 0174/0175 sequence and the Physics 0110/0111 sequence. Students intending to major in physics are recommended to take Physics 0475/0476, the honors introductory sequence. The laboratory course associated with Physics 0174/0175, Physics 0219, should be taken after Physics 0174.


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