Although a high-energy physics major at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), I found myself more interested in quantum information science. As a result, I was mainly focused on quantum game theory, which improves the outcome of classical games with quantum correlations, under the supervision of Prof. Jiangfeng Du.


    During my graduate study in Prof. Jeremy Levy's group at the University of Pittsburgh,  I was mainly busy building up several low temperature atomic force microscopes (AFM) in the first few years. Meanwhile I tried several fields involving quantum optics and quantum transport in GaAs/Si heterostructures.   Finally, I switched to oxides and turned out to be quite fruitful.


    My current research focuses on quantum transport in sketched devices at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 oxide interface. We invented a special technique using a nanoscale AFM tip to fabricate nanostructures and study superconductivity, magnetism and many body effect in these devices. Our long term interest is to discover Majorana fermion in these oxide materials.


     I like photography, soccer, guitar playing and fishing, especially fly fishing.



Contact Information:


Guanglei Cheng

3941 O'hara St,

Dept. of Phyics and Astronomy

University of Pittsburgh,

Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Tel: 412-624-2730

Email: guc5 at pitt dot edu



    I was born in a not small village in Eastern China, a place known for good education, bamboo artwork and wood carving. My mother was a Wu Opera actress and later on a tailor. My father owns a 2-men workshop for sewing machinery. I was raised up under their influence of traditional Chinese values.

Short bio:


B.S. "Non-classical quantum correlations in quantum games"

advisor: Jiangfeng Du, USTC, 07/2003


Ph.D. "Nanoelectronics in Oxides and Semiconductors"

advisor: Jeremy Levy, University of Pittsburgh,04/2011


Postdoc, University of Pittsburgh, 04/2011~04/2014


Research Assistant Professor,  University of Pittsburgh, 04/2014-current

Xiachengli village

fly fishing in a snowy Denver Winter

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