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CRE Group Current Members

Veser Group Photo
Veser group, July 2015: John, Hao, Chris, Sharlee, Julie, Sarah, Charlie, Anna, Pedro, Matthew (standing, from left to right); Götz, Amey, Yungchieh, Gizem, Yahui (kneeling); missing is Andrew.

Hao, Sharlee, and Amey with Noah B-B

Veser group, outside the lab: Hao, Sharlee, and Amey with Noah Bendix-Balgley (former concert master of the PSO, now concert master @ Berlin Philharmonic) at a Pittsburgh Symphony concert in June 2016.

Götz Veser, Nickolas A. DeCecco Professor 

PhD Students:

Hao Chi (B.Sc., Ohio State), Start: Fall 2013

Yahui Yang (B.Sc., ECUST), Start: Fall 2013 (MS), summer 2015 (PhD)

Gizem Ozbuyukkaya, Start: Fall 2014

Sam Batchelder (B. Sc., Pfeiffer University), Start:  Fall 2017

MS Students:

Wanling Zhu  (B.Sc., ECUST), Start:  Fall 2015

underGraduate Students:

Dan Koch  (ChE, Pitt, 2017)

Isaac Mastalski  (ChE, Pitt, 2018)

Eric McElhinny  (ChE, Pitt, 2019)

Lucy Sherburn  (ChE, U Sheffield, UK, 2019)

Former Group Members

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