Astronomy 089

Stars, Galaxies, and the Cosmos



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  Course Description:

This is a self-contained course for students not majoring in the physical sciences. The first part of the course provides a brief overview of the solar system, followed by an in depth discussion of telescopes, electromagnetic phenomena, and the motions of the planets. An extensive discussion regarding the sun, solar activity, and its evolution is given. Also discussed are fundamental properties of stars, and the methods used by astronomers deduce them. A discussion of the birth, evolution, and death of stars, in addition to the formation of pulsars and black holes is then provided.  On a much larger scale, the properties and formation of galaxies, active galaxies, and quasars, are discussed. Finally, cosmology and the origin and fate of the Universe are considered.  This course forms a sequence with either Astronomy 0087, Astronomy 0088, Physics 0081, or Physics 0089.



Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology: The Cosmic Perspective

   by Bennett, Donahue, Schneider, Voit


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Chapter 1

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Ultraviolet image of the sun

(courtesy of NASA)



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