Legato Storage Manager Administrator's Guide
Release 8.0.4







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1 Introduction

What is Legato Storage Manager?
Overview of LSM Features
Overview of Oracle Backup and Recovery System
Oracle7 on Windows NT
Oracle8 on UNIX and Windows NT
Additional Legato Documentation
UNIX Online Help
UNIX Online Manual Pages
Windows Online Help
Windows Command-Line Utilities Help

2 Preparing to Use LSM

LSM Architecture
Overview of LSM Operations
Using the LSM Administrator GUI
LSM Administrator GUI on UNIX
LSM Administrator GUI on Windows
Configuration Roadmap
Post-Installation Steps
Setting the System Path on Windows NT
Setting Up Regular Filesystem Backup
Configuring LSM Resources
Client Resource
Server Resource
Specifying LSM Administrators
Other LSM Resources

3 Media Management

Configuring Storage Devices
Device Resources
Device Configuration on UNIX
Device Configuration on Windows
Using Volume Pools and Label Templates
Default Volume Pool
Labeling and Mounting Storage Volumes
Labeling a Volume on UNIX
Labeling a Volume on Windows
Mounting a Volume on UNIX
Mounting a Volume on Windows
Unmounting a Volume on UNIX
Unmounting a Volume on Windows
Auto Media Management for Tape Devices
Using the Volumes Window
Volume Operations

4 Backup and Restore Operations

Running Oracle Backups and Restores
Using the Oracle Backup/Restore Utility
Using the Oracle Enterprise Manager Backup Manager
LSM Server Bootstrap Backups
Automatic Bootstrap Backup
Manual Bootstrap Backup
Maintaining Bootstrap Information
Monitoring Oracle Backups and Restores

5 Disaster Recovery

Types of Disaster Recovery
Disaster Preparation
Bootstrap Save Set ID
Disk Information
Disaster Recovery Procedures
Disaster Recovery on UNIX
Recovering the Operating System and LSM Software
Recovering LSM Indexes and Configuration Files
Restoring Oracle8 Data on UNIX
Recovering LSM to a New Machine
Disaster Recovery on Windows NT
Recovery Requirements
Recovering the Operating System and LSM Software
Recovering LSM Indexes and Configuration Files
Restoring Oracle Data on Windows NT
Recovering LSM to a New Machine
Recovering Oracle Data

A Scanner

Scanner on UNIX
Save Set Recover and Scanner
The scanner Program Requests an Entry for Record Size
Scanner on Windows NT
Using the Scanner Program

B Client Server Communications

Client-Server Communications on UNIX
How to Troubleshoot IP Errors
How to Set Up Host Tables
How to Disable Name Servers for Troubleshooting
How to Use ping to Verify Network Connections
How to Use rpcinfo to Verify that Sessions Can Be Established
How to Verify Firmware for Switches and Routers
Naming Requirements
Binding to Server Errors
Client/Server Communications on Windows NT
Configuring Server Communications

C Using Label Templates

Labeling Storage Volumes on UNIX
How LSM Uses Label Templates
How to Customize Label Templates
How to Use Label Template Components
Labeling Storage Volumes on Windows NT
How NetWorker Uses Label Templates
Label Template Dialog Box
Using Label Template Components
Creating Label Templates
Editing Label Templates

D Running the NetWorker User Program

Using the NetWorker Programs
Running the NetWorker User Program


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