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Getting to Know Oracle8 and the Oracle8 Enterprise Edition
Oracle8 Concepts, Release 8.0
Oracle8 Parallel Server Concepts and Administration, Release 8.0


Oracle8 Administrator's Guide, Release 8.0
Oracle8 Backup and Recovery, Release 8.0
Oracle8 Distributed Database Systems, Release 8.0
Oracle8 Migration, Release 8.0
Oracle8 Replication, Release 8.0
Oracle8 Tuning, Release 8.0
Oracle8 Utilities, Release 8.0
Legato Storage Manager Administrator's Guide


Oracle8 Reference, Release 8.0
Oracle8 SQL Reference, Release 8.0
SQL*Plus Quick Reference
SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference
Oracle8 Error Messages

Application Development

Oracle8 Application Developer's Guide, Release 8.0
PL/SQL User's Guide and Reference, Release 8.0
Oracle Call Interface Programmer's Guide, Release 8.0
Pro*C/C++ Precompiler Programmer's Guide, Release 8.0
Pro*COBOL Precompiler Programmer's Guide, Release 8.0
SQL*Module for Ada Programmer's Guide, Release 8.0
Oracle8 JDBC Drivers, Release 8.0

Oracle8 for Solaris 2.x, Release 8.0.4

Oracle8 for Solaris 2.x Release Note
Oracle8 for Solaris 2.x Installation Guide
Oracle8 for Solaris 2.x Administrator's Reference